Kndra and william

William (on the left)

William Block is Massie Block's wealthy father, and husband of Kendra Block.

He is portrayed by David Chisum in the movie.


William Block is old college friends with Jay Lyons, which is the original reason to why Claire Lyons' family came to live in their "out-of-towner house". William also doesn't punish his daughter, Massie Block, enough. Like when she got expelled from OCD. Including, he is a push over when it comes to Massie and falls for her smile and hugs every time.


William Block is described as balding, tall, and dressed in a business suit. He is described as handsome and most of the time he has a joking twinkle in his eyes.


William's wife is Kendra Block while his daughter is Massie Block.

Love LifeEdit

William Block is currently married to Kendra Block.