Vincent is an art teacher at OCD. He doesn't like when his students act unprofessionally and often has some remark to use against them, but he means well.

He is portrayed by Stephen Guarino in the movie.

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Vincent and Kristen


He is very into the arts and wants his students to be as much as he is. He often makes jokes and is disappointed when his students don't understand them.


On the first day of seventh grade, Vincent gives Claire a hard time for being late to class. He lightens up to Claire when he notices that she's the only student of his that understands his jokes. At the end of that class, Vincent appears distraught when he sees that Claire apparently got her period. He immediately sends her to the nurse's office, but Claire forgets to ask him where that is.

Later, Vincent takes his students on a field trip. Vincent is angry with Claire when she is late so he makes her sit down in a hurry. When Massie gives the girls lip gloss that they're all allergic to, Claire offers to give them oatmeal. Vincent initially tells Claire that she can't make the girls pay to put oatmeal on their lips, but Layne tells him that he should since he let the girls pay for the lip gloss in the first place. Vincent just decides to let Claire and Layne sell the oatmeal as long as he's left out of it.


  • In the first book, he states that he enjoys swing dancing and must-see TV.
    • Yet, in the movie, he says his likes include: broadway skinny dipping, beer, and long walks on the strip.

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Vincent screaming