Todd Lyons

Todd is Claire Lyons's annoying, spying 11-year-old brother. Sometimes, he makes deals with the Pretty Committee to do some spying for them along with his best friend Tiny Nathan. He attends Briarwood Academy and plays the tuba in the school band. He appears in almost every book in the the Clique series.

He is portrayed by Dylan Minnette in the movie.

Physical Description

Todd is described as having reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles (although he isn't portrayed like that in the movie).


Todd loves to eavesdrop and spy. In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, he puts a camera in Massie Block's shower and saw her naked. He also ordered a bunch of spying equipment that his parents don't know about.

His spying is often used for the Pretty Committee's uses. When they move, he gets friends on day one. He doesn't like the PC and sees the members for their true, cruel selves.


Todd's parents are Judi and Jay Lyons.

Love Life

In the earlier books, Todd has a crush on Massie (but in the first book, he hates her because of how she treated Claire). In Best Friends for Never, he gives Massie her first kiss.

In Revenge of the Wannabes, Todd was also kissed by Alicia Rivera on the cheek. He was kissed by Skye Hamilton in It's Not Easy Being Mean on the lips twice (the first time after he was given the key DVD and the second time was at the Tomahawks game after delivering a necklace).