These Boots Are Made For Stalking is the 12th book in the Clique series. It was released on February 9th, 2010.

Back CoverEdit

Massie Block: Now that Massie is in luh-v with a freshman at ADD, it's time for the Pretty Committee to upgrade--literally. Armed with glossy hair, juicy gossip, and enough confidence to impress the ninth-grade set, Massie can walk the walk. But when she catch's Landon hanging out with a bird-tattooed mystery girl, will she have to stalk the hawk?

Alicia Rivera: Thought she and Josh were a perfect fit... until she found out they were the same clothing size. Ehma-unacceptable! Maybe she should try a new crush in size nine--ninth grade that is.

Kristen Gregory: Is booooored of Dempsey's constant soccer talk. When a high school hawtie makes a play for her attention, she may need to drop-kick her old crush to the curb....

Dylan Marvil: Loves lip-kissing Derrington. But when he loses a bet and has to wear his clothes backward, all bets on another smooch session are off.

Claire Lyons: Is clinging to eighth grade like ugly on a Kmart jumper. Why grow up before you have to? But if she refuses to trade Cam in for a ninth-grade crush, will her friends outgrow her?


  • The title is a play on the song "These Boots are Made for Walking", written by Nancy Sinatra.
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