The DSL Daters are the 8th grade version of The Pretty Committee at OCD in the series.

The members of the all-blonde quintet are called the DSL Daters because they make super-fast connections with boys. They are always dressed in dance couture. They share a love for only two things: dance and boys. They all go to Body Alive Dance Studio (BADS).

The name "DSL Daters" is from Digital Subscriber Line, a fast web browser. Since the girls get dates fast, they got the name DSL daters.

Skye Hamilton's their alpha. The other DSL Daters are:


  • Missy Cambridge has a voluminous bob and dances with technical perfection but has more lead than a Chinese toy. Her dancing and her hair are always in place. She dances with her toes pointed at the right angle and her jumps timed to a beat. Skye often has to tell Missy to be like a solid and a liquid at the same time.
  • Becca Brie has a long ponytail and pig nose. She isn't bright but she makes up for that in humor always cracking a joke. Becca shadows Skye with extreme dedication. She has a lot of bounce, but not enough weight. Becca is very skinny since Skye describes her having a concave stomach. Skye also describes her as "not the brightest beta on the barre".
  • Heidi Sprout has ultra fine, stick-straight hair that she keeps in a ponytail. She has bad posture due to having a large chest. Skye often has to correct her bad posture since it shows in ballet. Skye makes a note to herself to introduce Heidi to bust minimizers since her chest is so large.
  • Leslie Lynn Rubin wears her hair in loose 'Swiss Miss' braids. She dances with gusto and is very enthusiastic. Her hair and her dancing often fall out of place though. Skye often has to correct Leslie for falling out of place since her headbanging enthusiasm causes her bangs to wriggle out of her loose braids. She is the sweetest out of her clique.