The Cliquetionary is a book written by Lisi Harrison. It goes along with the rest of the series, as a bit of a guide. It was released on November 16, 2009 and it consists of two quizzes where you can find out if you're a Massie, Claire, Layne, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, or yourself. It also includes interviews with Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire; with a picture to go along with each girl. Next, there's advice from the Pretty Committee (and others in The Clique series including Antastasia Brees, Nina Callas, Skye Hamilton, Effie James, Josh Hotz, William Block, and more) in Beauty, Boys, Love, Friendship, Kissing, Acting Alpha, Shopping, Success, and Etiquette. The Cliquetionary also includes a crush web and "Clique Lit" that has Miss Understood by Claire, For The Pretty Committee Eyes Only by Skye Hamilton, The New Pretty Committee Pledge, Best Friends Forever With Crushes Pledge, and Socc-Hers Cheers; all by Massie. It also has the makeover chart from Bratfest At Tiffany's a.k.a. The Clique book #9, and The Pretty Committee Master Packing List: Lake Placid from The Pretty Committee strikes back a.k.a. Clique book #5. Also, there is some of the PC's (mostly Massie's) best comebacks, and the actual "Cliquetionary"; which is a glossary for all the books in the series for all of the clique slang (ah-dore, ay-sap, done done and done, hawt, nawt, puh-lease, jobby, luh-v, etc.) and abbreviations (GLU, LBR, POTI, POTO, OCD, etc.). The book is a dictionary for The Pretty Committee's slang.

It is a fun and interesting book that is a great guide to the Clique series! It is great to have close by when reading the clique books for quick references.

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