Massie Block

MASSIE GETS BE-YOO-TIFUL After Massie BLock gets kicked off her high horse and out of her ultra-exclusive Westchester riding camp, her parents force her to do the unthinkable-find a summer job. Not one for dog-walking or brat-sitting, Massie comes up with the ah-bvious solution: She'll be a sales rep for the cosmetics brand Be Pretty. Massie fully hearts her new role as fairy gawdmother of makeup-until she discovers transforming LBRs into glam-girls takes more than a swish of her royal mascara wand.


GAME, SVET, MATCH... Dylan and her TV-host mom are off to Hawaii's Aloha Tennis Open. While Merri-Lee interviews tennis's wild child Svetlana "Tennis the Menace" Slootskyia, Dylan lets the tropical sun melt away the memory of getting dumped by two guys at the end of seventh grade, but between avocado mud masks and poolside naps, she falls in love with. A preppy, tennis-obsessed hawtie. Dylan soon realizes the only way to score a date with him is to master the game. Can she convince moody Svetlana to spill the secrets of her tennis success, or will she end up oh-for-three in summer love?

Alicia Rivera

ALICIA TAKES ON MISSION SPALPHA: SPANISH ALPHA! Back in Spain to visit her relatives, Alicia discovers that Europe's newest pop sensation, I!, is searching for a true Spanish beauty to star in his new video. Ah-mazing times ten! If Alicia is cast, Massie will never call her Fannish (fake Spanish) again. The only possible glitch in Operation Spalpha? She'll have to beat her muy hawt cousins to win the coveted spot. Adios, bimbos!

Kristen Gregory

KRISTEN MEETS A HANG-TEN HAWTIE! While the rest of the Pretty Committee have scattered across the globe, Kristen gets stuck spending her summer landlocked in Westchester. Just when she's about to send an SOS to her friends to rescue her from her summer of boredom and solitude, she scores a job looking after hang-ten hawtie Dune Baxter's younger sister, Ripple. Suddenly, Kristen goes from bored to board as she rides the wave of first love...

Claire Lyons

BATTLE OF THE BFFS! Back in Orlando for the summer, Claire is reunited with her Florida best friends Sarah, Sari, and Mandy after a long year apart. Her FBFFS haven't changed at all. Too bad they think Claire has... and not for the better. She sets out to prove her loyalty by helping her friends get ready to compete in Kissimmee's Miss Kiss pageant, but when a very special visitor shows up and vows to win the crown, Claire finds herself torn between Keds and hawt couture. Will she finally kiss-immee her past goodbye once and for all?

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