Strawberry McAdams is a minor character in The Clique


Strawberry is usually nice, but if you get her mad she would act violently. For example, in Revenge of the Wannabes, Dylan makes her mad and they get into a physical fight. Sometimes when she feels bad, she indulges in too many sweets, which is similar to Dylan.

Family Edit

It is never said who she lives with, but she is said to live in a nice-looking, medium-sized house.


Became one of the Unbelievable Pretty Committee which was Alicia's clique in Revenge of the Wannabes. Was originally Kori Gedman's friend. They both joined Alicia's clique to be replacements for Dylan and Kristen.


Strawberry is described as being "big boned" and looking a bit like Dylan. She has mint-green eyes and a white never-needed-braces smile. Her face turns bright red when she is angry. Strawberry is probably best known for her wavy bubble-gum pink-dyed hair. She wears magnetic nose rings and belly chains. In The Pretty Committee Strikes Back as soon as she wakes up, her hair is said to look like a giant red Hershey Kiss since all of her hair is on one side.

Love LifeEdit

No boyfriend known of. However, Cam flirts with her to make Claire jealous at the Lake Placid school field trip in The Pretty Committee Strikes Back.


Strawberry has a very bad temper, as she's always talking back to teachers. She is thought of as being one of the 'fashion rebels'. Strawberry is similiar to Dylan since they both like to eat, but they aren't exactly on good terms. Dylan tells Strawberry that her haircolor comes from a "Kool-Aid packet", and that with her thighs, her nickname should be "Pear". Strawberry actually called Dylan a "moose". She is called Strawberry because she wears magnetic nose rings and such which is gotten at a store called Strawberry, and also because her hair is pink like a strawberry, but her real name is Coral.