Ripple Baxter is the younger sister of Dune Baxter. She is obsessed with Massie Block and committed to being just like her. Ripple's father hires Kristen Gregory to tutor Ripple in math over the summer, but instead of trying to learn, Ripple pesters Kristen about how to be like Massie, and how to make her brother's surfer friend like her. Later, Ripple tries out for Massie's cheerleading team, The Socc-Hers. She is hand-picked by Kristen (because she's Dune's sister), and her one word is Youth. She isn't picked, because she's too young, amongst other reasons.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ripple is nine years old and dresses in excessive pink glitter and snakeskin. Ripple also has fried blond hair. Kristen mentions that Ripple looks like a "before."

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ripple is fussy and bratty. She has a habit of repeating one word three times to emphasize a point ("I am not, not, not a stalker!"). Ripple notices everything, except she took a long time to figure out who Kristen likes. She can understand how Kristen feels and takes advantage of her when it suits her best.

Ripple is bad at flirting. She is smitten with Dune's surfer buddy, Jax, and tries very obviously to get his attention. Ripple helps Skye Hamilton and Kristen try to make Dune fall for them, but ultimately chooses Skye to mentor by ripping off Kristen by telling her to buy ugly shorts, meanwhile choosing a pretty dress for Skye.