Revenge of the wannabes

Revenge of the Wannabes came out on March 2, 2005, and is the third book of The Clique Series.


After leading her dance class in a dance, Alicia, full of confidence, decides to throw her very own sleepover and invite a few of her own friends not including her fellow clique members. But when Massie hears about this, she excludes Alicia from the Pretty Committee and welcomes the new kid, Claire, into her club. So, Alicia tries to start a clique of her own, only to realize it's much harder than it Massie makes it look. Massie does all that she can to destroy Alicia's clique. Previously, in a school uniform contest Alicia and her partner Olivia won, by cheating.  This only encourages Massie to destroy Alcia even more.  Massie is waiting for the perfect moment to sabotage Alicia and her wannabe clique. It takes a lot of drama but somehow the girls always work their drama out.

Back Cover

Claire Lyons: Has finally arrived! She's in the Clique and is adored by Cam, a super-cute Briarwood boy. But will she be able to stay around in Massie's magic circle?

Kristen Gregory: Caught in between two cliques, suddenly Kristen's friendship is more sought after than the new Sevens. Whom will she choose?

Dylan Marvil: Thinks Massie is up to no good. Might join Alicia's clique. Will Massie replace her with a cheap Dylan knock-off?

Alicia Rivera: Has a wallet stuffed with credit cards and a closet full of Ralph Lauren But does she have what it takes to start a clique of her own?


  • Seven Cliquetionary definitions ended up in this book.
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