The Miss Kiss Pageant is a yearly pageant for teenage girls in Kissimmee, Florida. It consists of events such as a question round, a beauty round, and an interpretive dancing round. Claire dreamed about participating in it since she was little, along with Mandy, Sarah, and Sari. Claire was asked to be a judge for the pageant in Claire: Summer Collection, while SAS participates in it. Massie later joins the pageant to prove that she could win it. Massie ends up winning the pageant in The Clique Summer Collection: Claire, and Claire is kicked off the judges' panel for favoritism. Upon winning the pageant, Massie announces she has been accepted into a prestigious academy, and cannot stay in Kissimmee to live up to her Miss Kiss duties. Gracie, flouncy Miss Kiss runner up is crowned instead. Claire is shunned by her town for the remainder of her visit, and is relieved when her time in Kissimmee ends.