Meena is one of Layne Abeley's best friends. She is also friends with Heather. She and Heather dress oddly, with highlights as well as short hair. They both also like to protest. Meena, like Heather, is not really mentioned much in the books. Also, they would BY NO MEANS want to join The Pretty Commitee, unlike most girls at OCD. Meena, Layne Abeley, and Heather are all LBRs (Loser Beyond Repair), according to Massie. In Best Friends For Never, she and Heather dressed up as the zombie versions of the Hilton sisters. Meena and Heather are referred to in the series as "The Friends" and  "Gwen Stefani-Wannabes." Meena does not appear in The Clique movie, but she does appear in The Clique graphic novel. Meena and Heather both seem to enjoy Massie-related gossip.