Mandy is one of Claire's ex-FBFFs (ex-Florida Best Friend Forever). Mandy is mainly featured in Charmed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee and Claire: The Summer Collection, along with Claire's other FBFFs, Sari and Sarah in Kissimee, Florida. Mandy had changed her name in the latter to Amandy because she claimed it made her sound more mature. She is mainly known for her bushy eyebrows, but she later hot waxes them off because of the Miss Kiss pageant. Her signature glitter color is blue.


In Claire (Summer Collection), Mandy and Claire's friendship, along with the rest of the Orlando girls, is strained once Massie comes to visit Claire in Florida and enters the Miss Kiss contest along with Mandy, Sari, and Sarah. Claire cuts off her friendship with SAS (their clique's name. With Claire in, they were SACS) after realizing how much Massie really does value their friendship and had a flashback to when Claire had first moved to Westchester in the first book and was asked the question if she would rather be a friendless loser, or have a bunch of friends who secretly hated her during a game of "What Would You Rather?" with the Pretty Committee.