Lilah Poole
Eye Color
Light Blue
Hair Color
Pixie cut
Favorite Color
Indie Queen

Lilah Poole is an actress and a character in Boys R Us.

Acting CareerEdit

Lilah has acted in indie films, and was nominated for a Spirit Award for her performance in her first silver-screen performance. She made her debut on Broadway for six months with an ensemble cast of Chicago. She also guest-starred on Law and Order. Lilah has worked with Cameron Crowe, and is considered the next Indie Queen. Massie thought she had an impressive resume. Lilah is signed with Shooting Stars Talent.

Appearance in the BooksEdit

Lilah is hired to play one of Massie Block's new friends and be a member of her clique, Massie and Crew, also known as "MAC". She is chosen to be Dylan Marvil's replacement, because she counts eating in public as one of the seven deadly sins, never speaks above a murmur, and has never, ever burped. Lilah quits after the runway of the fashion show in Massie's charity benefit, Ho Ho Homeless, breaks. Later, Lilah, along with the other MAC girls, show up again and pretend to be clingy and stupid, as part of Claire Lyons' plan to get the Pretty Committee back together. The plan works, and Lilah, along with the other girls, disappears, "never to be seen again."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lilah has flawless, translucent skin, large, light blue eyes, and an edgy, dark pixie cut. She is 5'7 and willowy. According to her, "girly" style doesn't go with her look.


Lilah hates wearing dresses. She is confident, and is rated four out of five stars on the Runway Ready section on Massie's Ho Ho Homeless schedule. She acts very aloof, but she can be nice, too.