Kristen was released in July of 2008. It is the fourth book of the Summer Collection mini-series by Lisi Harrison.
Clique summer collection kristen
It's about Kristen Gregory. Emily Essig models on the cover.


Kristen is stuck in Westchester for the summer. She has a job of tutoring Ripple Baxter. While she is "babysitting", she falls for Ripple's older brother, a surfing and skating boy named Dune. She decides to give Ripple what she wants (which is to be congenerous to Massie Block) so that she can get closer to Dune. But 8th grade alpha Skye Hamilton also has her eye on him, further, what chance does she have with her around? She gets advice from the "Witty Committee," with LBRs Massie would never approve of, including but not limited to, Claire Lyons's friend Layne Abeley. Ripple ditches Kristen for Skye. The Witty Committee comes up with a top secret plan. Skye includes Dune as a guest to a club where she plans to lip-kiss him. Kristen and the Witty Committee fill the pool with strawberry Jell-O and Skye grows angry. Dune laughs, causing Skye to leave. Dune and Kristen share a moment, but then security shows up and Kristen runs, leaving Dune and the Witty Committee behind.

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