Kori Gedman is a minor character in The Clique.. Her appearance starts in Revenge of the Wannabes of The Clique Series. She is briefly in Alicia Rivera's new clique, The Unbelievably Pretty Committee, in that book, because Olivia Ryan thinks that she is a good knock-off Kristen Gregory. However, Alicia gets rid of this "knock-off" at the end of the book.


Kori is described as being the second best athlete at OCD, except for Kristen Gregory. She is best friends with Strawberry McAdams and becomes friends with Olivia Ryan in Bratfest at Tiffany's.


Kori is described as looking like Kristen. She has blond hair that she styles in braids or stumpy pigtails, and light blue eyes. She even has a "psycho laugh" similiar to Kristen's phlegmy cackle. Kori's most prominent feature is her notoriously bad posture, which makes her body look like a question mark.


Not much is known about her family, but Kori does live in the Brickview Apartments and she is poor like Kristen. It is also known that her mother looks like Michael Jackson, due to plastic surgery, and the Pretty Committee likes to make fun of her by tacking pictures of Jackson onto her locker and watching her tear them off.

Love LifeEdit

Not much is known about Kori's love life. In Bratfest at Tiffany's Kori was one of the girls that hung out with the soccer boys. She, Oliva Ryan, and Strawberry, all sat at the boy's table, spent the summer with them watching them skate, and spent most of their time with them.

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