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Kendra (on the right)

Kendra Block is Massie Block's clean and tidy mother, and the wife of William Block.

She is portrayed by Julie Lauren in the movie.


Kendra lives a life of luxury, and doesn't work. She is a member of many clubs. She also doesn't punish Massie enough, like when Massie got expelled from OCD. Kendra is active and likes playing tennis. Sometimes she does punish Massie though. For example, during one of the books one of Massie's friends said something about how Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen were going to go to Six Flags, but then Massie couldn't because she didn't put Bean's toys away. She apparently does not punish her daughter enough and also disagrees with Claire's mother when it comes down to behavior and punishment. It is mentioned in Revenge of the Wannabes that she too went to OCD, otherwise known as Octavian Country Day School.


Kendra is a very beautiful woman. She is described as having a sleek, light brown bob. She is very thin and healthy due to her regular exercise. She wears lots of diamonds and designer clothing. She also gets plenty of Botox and Breast and Butt implants as mentioned in the books.


Kendra's husband is William Block, and her daughter is Massie Block.

Love LifeEdit

Kendra is married to William Block.

Julie lauren

Kendra Block talking to Massie Block