Kemp Hurley appears mainly in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers and Sealed with a Diss. However, he does appear briefly in the other novels, as he is good friends with some of the PC's crushes.


Kemp is described as perverted. He looks under girls skirts and snaps pictures of their underwear with his cell phone camera. He also loves to make out with girls, and is generally outgoing, especially with OCD girls.


Kemp is described as very hot, but he even shows his pervertedness through his wardrobe. He sometimes wears a shirt that says "You've Got Male". He has brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Love LifeEdit

Kemp goes to the Lovestruck dance with Kristen Gregory in Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, though Kristen had no romantic feeling for him at all. She only went with him to win the bet she had with Dylan Marvil and Nina Callas.

In Sealed with a Diss, Kemp goes to Skye Hamilton's end-of-year couple's party with Dylan Marvil because both he and Chris Plovert liked her for being "cool" and not being afraid to eat, burp, or laugh at jokes in front of guys. Dylan takes Chris Plovert along with Kemp, but Kemp and Chris dump Dylan at the party when they think "it's like hanging out with Shrek" because Dylan exaggerates her tomboy behavior when she tries to act cool in front of them.

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