Harris Fisher is Cam Fisher's senior brother. He appears mainly in Revenge of the Wannabes as Alicia Rivera's crush.


Harris loves the Strokes, video games, and his leather jacket. He has a good relationship with his brother Cam, and is in high school. A lot of girls like Harris, one of the reasons is that he has his driver's license. In Revenge of the Wannabes, Massie Block excuses Claire Lyons for liking Cam, because according to Massie, Cam's an EW or an Eternal Wannabe, because Cam likes everything that Harris does. However, Massie just wanted Claire to break up with him because she was jealous.


Harris is described as being tall with floppy black hair, and two green eyes.


Harris's brother, Cam Fisher, plays an important role in the Clique series as Claire Lyons's crush. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher are described as casual, not wearing designer clothes and living in a modest house.

Love Life

A lot of girls like Harris, and Alicia Rivera had a crush on him in Revenge of the Wannabes. Alicia gave him tickets to the Strokes concert, and hoped that Harris would take her with him. But instead, Harris took a girl named Angela, who was most likely his girlfriend or crush. Alicia gave Harris up for using her, and moved on.

In It's Not Easy Being Mean, it's stated that Skye Hamilton kissed him. When the Pretty Committee checks under Harris's mattress in search for the key, they do not find anything.


  • Harris's favorite Strokes song is called "Barely Legal".