Hadley Durk was supposed to be the co-star for Dial L for Loser, but quit the movie when Abby Boyd stole her boyfriend, Gabor. The feud started on Merri-Lee Marvil's The Daily Grind where Abby admitted that she was having text sex with Gabor Claire Lyons took her place as Molly, the story's "loser". She also had her other boyfriend, Palmer stolen by Abby Boyd so the two already had concern.


Hadley is the rival of Abby Boyd, because Abby stole two of her boyfriends (Gabor and Palmer). The girls had a cat fight on set when Abby stole Gabor, and Hadley quit the movie as Abby dumped pasta sauce onto her head. She was later replaced by Claire Lyons after she, Massie Block, and Alicia Rivera auditioned for the role of Molly Reynolds, the loser in the movie Dial L for Loser.


Hadley is described in having black hair with signature Pocahontas braids with brown almond shaped eyes and arched eyebrows. She wears Keds and has a Motorola Sidekick.


Not much is known about Hadley's family.

Love LifeEdit

Abby Boyd stole her boyfriend twice, and on the second time, she quit shooting Dial L For Loser. Her latest boyfriend's name was Gabor.