Griffin Hastings appears in Sealed with a Diss, starring as Kristen Gregory's puppy love.


On ESP he seems sensitive, kind, and caring, and reading emotional novels such as The Notebook, but it is later found out that he was just faking that to get a good grade in the class. In reality, he's a horror fan and loves horror novels, and is a big goth. Griffin also is partial to heavy metal music.


He is described as being very skinny with spiky black hair, pale skin, and large green eyes. He also a goth and wears black skinny jeans with disturbing, Gothic t-shirts.


Griffin's father owns large pizza places across the country, which is why he's so gilded.

Love LifeEdit

In Sealed with a Diss, Kristen Gregory has a crush on him from spying on his E.S.P class. He goes to Skye Hamilton's end-of-year couple's party with Kristen, but dumps her at the end when Kristen keeps asking him about The Notebook, since really he doesn't care about that kind of sensitive stuff.