Elizabeth McLaughlin

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Birth Name
Elizabeth Sarah McLaughlin
October 2, 1993
Hair Color
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McLaughlin around the time that "The Clique" was filmed.

Elizabeth Sarah McLaughlin (born October 2, 1993) is an American actress. When she was three years old, she and her family moved to Florida. Elizabeth says that she loves politics, and sees herself as a politician. She would love to go to college in Oxford, England, and major in theater. She has stated that if she had a choice between acting or going to college, she would pick college. She currently lives with her parents, and her dog, Sport. She is best known for her portrayal of Massie Block in The Clique movie. She has also appeared on the TV show Ugly Betty.

The Clique Edit

McLaughlin stated that she has been a huge fan of The Clique series since she was in seventh grade. She also said that her attorney is also Lisi Harrison's attorney, and that after she landed the role of Massie, they went out to lunch a few times.

McLaughlin also said that in order to prepare she had to think about all the mean girls that she had met over the years, and re-read the series in order to get to know Massie better.

She and the other actresses in the movie got really close while filming, and once had a few Pretty Committee-like sleepovers.

McLaughlin was nominated for "favorite newcomer" by Popstar Magazine for her role as Massie.

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