ESP is a secret class that the Briarwood Boys take at their school. It stands for Emotional Sensitivity Powwows, and is kept a secret from the OCD girls. This class is where the boys share their "feelings" and discuss problems in their life. It is taught by Dr. Loni, the famous psychiatrist.

It is taken by all of Derrington's gang, along with Griffin Hastings.

Griffin Hastings faked his personality to Dr. Loni, claiming that he was a romantic and was highly sensitive, when he was really goth.

In ESP, you are only allowed to talk when you are handed the Share Bear. The Share Bear is a teddy bear that someone who once owned The Room put a camera in.

The Pretty Committee SpyingEdit

The Pretty Committee spied on the boy's ESP class through the Share Bear's hidden camera. The main purpose of the Bomb Shelter was so that the Pretty Committee could learn what the boys thought of them. ESP is how the DSL Daters got so much of boy responsibility.

At first, when the PC started spying; Kristen and Claire thought it was wrong. Later however, when Claire learned of Nikki, her opinion on that dropped.

Secrets Learned by the Pretty CommitteeEdit

  • Derrington has an "issue" with Massie Block.
  • Cam Fisher is cheating on Claire Lyons with Nikki. As the book progresses, this is proven a misunderstanding.
  • Kristen Gregory starts to like Griffin Hastings after a few episodes of ESP. It later turns out that Griffin was faking his personality to get an A in his ESP recitation.
  • Kemp Hurley and Chris Plovert confess their feelings of Dylan Marvil which makes her try too much to do things they liked then, making them not like her.