Dylan was released May 6, 2008. It is the second book of the Summer Collection mini-series by Lisi Harrison. It's about Dylan Marvil.

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Game, Svet, Match!

Game, Set, Match... Dylan? When Dylan and her mom arrive in Maui for the Aloha Open, Dylan couldn't give two milkshakes about Merri-Lee's big interview with Svetlana Slootskya a.k.a. Tennis the Menace--Dylan's going to be too busy getting trim, toned, and totally hawt for the start of eighth grade. But when she meets tennis-obsessed Johnny, Dylan realizes she's got something to learn from Svetlana if she wants to catch his eye. Will it be doubles for Dylan? Or will Svetlana ruin her game?


Dylan goes to Hawaii with her mother, Merri-Lee Marvil. Merri-Lee was going to interview Svetlana Slootskiya, aka "Tennis the Menace" about smashing a tennis ball in a ball girl's teeth after she lost a match. There, she finds the perfect SBF (summer boyfriend), J.T. She finds out that he hates fashion and loves tennis, and is the total opposite of her. However, she refuses to give him up. After Svetlana's intervenes, Dylan chases after her, asking if she could teach her how to play tennis. She pushes record on her LG just as Svetlana turns and twists her arm, causing her to drop her phone. Later, Dylan realizes that she caught the moment on her phone, and uses it to make Svetlana teach her how to play tennis like a pro and impress J.T. However, her plan backfires as she realizes that playing tennis was more work than she thought it would be. She decides to hold a fake match between her and Svetlana so it would seem like she was even better than the professional tennis star. But her plan backfires as during the match Svetlana says, "I'm in a mood for a bagel!" And Dylan agrees, thinking that getting J.T. and a bagel in one day was going to make things turn out perfect. Suddenly, Svetlana "breaks" her promise, and starts playing hard on Dylan. When Svetlana finally tells her that a bagel in tennis terms means "staying at love", J.T. and Svetlana go off together after Svetlana beats Dylan. Dylan gets over J.T. and moves onto tennis star Brady Ericson, to whom she loses her lip-virginity.

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