Dune Baxter is totally ah-dored by Kristen Gregory in Kristen (Summer Collection) and some of P.S. I Loathe You. Said to have long and straight blond hair, he is the ultimate surfer. For Dune, Kristen is ready to do anything, as well as tutor Dune's bratty little sister, Ripple Baxter.

Love LifeEdit

In the Summer Collection series, Dune is thought by Kristen to have a crush on DSL Daters alpha Skye Hamilton. Kristen, desperate to impress him, asks Ripple for advice on Dune's taste in girls and how they dress. In exchange, Kristen gave wannabe-Massie Ripple tips on how to become an alpha and make an "Itty Bitty Pretty Committee" when she gets to OCD. Ripple steers Kristen wrong and Kristen shows up in baggy gray clothes trying to impress Dune. AfterLayne and the Witty Committee fill up the pool with Jell-O, though, and create a video reflection so that Skye jumped in the pool in front of Dune, he stops liking her and starts liking Kristen. He gives a seashell necklace and promises he'll be back by October. When he returns, Kristen has started falling for Dempsey and breaks things off with Dune.


Dune's hair is long and shaggy and is described to have "blond hair the color of Baked Lays". He wears a shark tooth necklace but when he leaves for the Pacific Island, he gives it to Kristen. During the summer, he either wears swimming trunks to surf in or clothes to comfortably skateboard in. His eyes are hazel-brown and similiar to his Dad's, Brice Baxter. He also has well-defined shoulders, full lips, caramel-colored skin, and muscles. Massie doesn't like him because he his parents aren't rich and he isn't endorsed.


Dune is a surfer star and is also great at skateboarding. He likes girly girls but he hates the extremely preppy ones. He calls Kristen's friends OCDivas and is a little mad that Kristen's best friend (Massie) inspired Ripple to turn into such a wannabe-prep. When Kristen is around him, she is more herself than around Massie. She even admits that the only reason she didn't go to ADD (a co-ed public school) is because she is on a scholarship at OCD.