A Dixon is a flexible mesh tube fashion accessory that mainly appears in Revenge of the Wannabes. Dixons do not exist in real life. It can be worn in fifty-eight different ways, ranging from being wrapped around your thigh to being used as a belt or a scarf. Avril Lavigne was going to wear one for the Teen Vogue cover shoot.

Fashion editor Lucinda Hill gave free ones to Alicia Rivera and Olivia Ryan before they were released to public. The two girls found thirty-two out of the fifty-eight ways to wear it, until they found out that Lucinda had given them the wrong thing. Lucinda had accidentally given them part of the packaging instead of the actual Dixon, which is a soft wire accessory that can be bent into fifty-eighty different shapes. Alicia and Olivia threw them away.

In Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, a few Dixons are seen wrapped around Massie Block's mannequin. She got them as gifts from Teen Vogue as a thank you for being the the photo shoot. Claire Lyons borrows one from Massie to wear with pajamas to turn her sleep clothes into "evening wear". The items on the mannequins and on Claire are indeed a mesh tube Dixon, not a wire one.