Dempsey Solomon
Dempsey Solomon
Humpty Dempsey (former)
Love Interest(s)
Kristen Gregory (ex-girlfriend)
Layne Abeley (former possible crush)
Massie Block (former possible crush)
Hair Color
Blond w/ Caramel Highlights
Eye Color
Helping the needy
Video games (former)

Dempsey Solomon is a former LBR. He is a friend and a crush of Layne's. When he was an LBR, he was called "Humpty Dempsey" by Massie because he was very chubby. Over the summer, he and his parents went to Africa to help rebuild houses, which is how he became a HART.

Love LifeEdit

Massie crushes on him in Bratfest At Tiffany's, despite the rules of her own "boyfast." Claire uses him to "jealousy-flirt" so she can get Cam Fisher back again, despite the boyfast. He was the role model for the LBR guys in the overflow trailers when Massie was giving them make-overs. At the end, Massie ends up liking him so much that she ends her own "boyfast" to start a relationship with him. In P.S. I Loathe You, Massie and Layne compete for Dempsey's affection, but he ends up liking Kristen instead, as they live in the same apartment buliding and are neighbors.


Dempsey is muscular and fit after rebuilding houses in Africa. He has blond hair with caramel highlights, is somewhat tall, has army-green eyes, wears a lot of safari-colored clothes after his Africa trip, and is deeply tanned, also very 'toned', which is what the 'T' in 'HART' stands for. (Hot Alpha Rich Toned)