Conner Foley is one of the main characters in the Clique book Dial L For Loser.


He is a famous actor whom Claire is obliged to work with. She feels guilty about cheating on Cam, but how can she say no to the teen dream?


Conner likes to act cool, even with quirks. He calls people "babygirl" and pretends to smoke unlit cigarettes. He is considered to be a woman snatcher.


He is said to be a hot actor/underwear model with a six pack. He has his own line of jeans. He is also said to have floppy black filament. He usually has unlit cigarettes hanging out of his mouth.


Not much is mentioned about his family in the book. But as far as we know, Hollywood is his family! He has a mother named Estelle, who seems to work like a hired girl.

Love Life

In the beginning, he is said to be single, but is in a secret relationship with Abby Boyd. But when he uses Alicia and Massie to make her jealous, she dumps him. During the book, he also starts liking Claire.