Be a true insider – speak the same language as The Pretty Committee!


The Pretty Committee

What do you say? What does it mean?
Ahb-viously Obviously (obviously!)
Ah-dorable Soooo cute
Ah-dore Like it a lot
Ah-greed Totally think you’re right
Ah-mazing The best ever
Ah-nnoying Like a pebble in your shoe. Or Claire's little brother Todd
ADM Ay Dios Mio (Omg in Spanish)
Alpha Leader
Alpha status Being the leader
Apple-C Copy / Copying / Copycat; also a shortcut on an Apple computer to copy. 
Aw-nestly For real
Ay-sap ASAP
B-listers Not an Alpha – someone who isn’t worthy, totally on the B-list
Busted! Caught / Oops!
CLAM Cute, Loyal, Athletic, Middle-Class --- used to describe boys like Kristen's ex-crush, Dune Baxter
Current State of the Union Massie's daily listing of what's in/out
D2M Dead to Me
DEC Direct Eye Contact
Dial P for Phony or L for Loser, etc.
Done Okay
Done, done and done Decided, conversation completely over
DSL Daters Girls who hook up quickly; Skye Hamilton's clique
Ehmagawd OMG
E-nuff I can’t take any more
EW Eternal Wannabe/Extremely Wearable/Eight-Worthy
FEW Friend of an Eternal Wannabe
File Fake-smile
Firsty-lasty status Using someone’s first and last name;
status given only to the cutest boys



Fans Of Claire's

A nervous half laugh/half talk

Given Obviously / Of course
Glambition Lip gloss line created by TPC in the first book
GLU Girls Like Us
Go awn What are you waiting for?
Gossip points Points awarded for good gossip
H2G Hard to get
HART Hawt, Alpha, Rich, Toned – qualities of A-list Boys
Hawt Opposite of ugly
Heart it/I heart I love
I double-dog heart that Love it x 10
J'adore I love
Jobby A job-hobby – something you do for fun, nawt money
(like making jewelry in your bedroom and selling it to a
local boutique.)


See ya
LBR Loser Beyond Repair
LBR² Loser Beyond Repair Relative
LISP Little Seventh Grade Pee-on
Luh-v Loooove
MAP Maximum Alpha Potential
MSP Major Star Potential
Nawt In no way. At all. Ever.
Nuh-thing Nada
OCD Octavian Country Day School
OL Off Limits
Opposite of true False (get it?)


A bolt of fear driven by panic

PASTE Previously Allowed Someone who was Then Exiled
PC Private Conversation
Point Yes / Good point
Por fah-vor Please
POTI Pretty on the Inside
POTO Pretty on the Outside
Puh-lease As if! Or sometimes meaning ‘pretty please’
Punch-backs A game -- be the first to spot a particular item and punch
your friend (e.g., “Burberry poncho, no punch-backs”)
Shoporexic Not being able to shop
SOS Summer of Stress
Swear on Bean Bean is Massie's dog; means ‘swear to god’
TFFW Too funny for words
TPC The Pretty Committee (duh)
Turn-awff Opposite of desirable
VIG Very Important Guest
Wannabes Followers, not Clique-worthy girls
Wear or dare A game -- if you don’t do the dare, you have to wear
Word jumbles A word game -- “rorsy” for “sorry”, “meowsea” for “awesome”