Becca Wilder is first mentioned in book no.#2, Best Friends For Never.

In the books, she believes that Massie Block is slipping as Alpha, and comes up with an idea to throw an amazing boy/girl Halloween party. Unfortunately for her, Alicia overhears her conversation about the party and tells Alpha Massie Block right away. Thus leads to Massie stealing the idea and throwing one herself, beating Becca.

Appearance Edit

Becca Wilder is said to have a muscular body due to gymnastics. She has a shoulder length dirty blonde mane that hangs flat and lifeless against her oval face. She also wears a lot of girly chiffon tops that look out of place on her stocky physique. The only thing that makes her stand out is her piercing blue eyes.

Friends Edit

  • Becca Wilder is close friends with Liz Goldman, who looks quite similar, with the exception that she has dull brown eyes instead of Becca's turqoise blue.