Bean is Massie Block's little black pug. Massie adores Bean, and has a pug-shaped charm of her on her charm bracelet. Bean has a wardrobe full of doggy clothes and accessories, and is mainly Massie's lapdog. However, Bean also does vicious things such as destroy Todd Lyons' robot dog, Aibo. Bean gives her advice and "talks" to her, but Massie's really talking to herself. Bean's the only one who's seen Massie cry, not counting the Pretty Committee (end of Tale Of Two Pretties). In The Clique, Massie states that she chose Bean as her pet since she refused to hand over her chew toy to the bigger dogs at the pet store. Massie had liked this fierce aspect of the little pug. In the first book, Massie tells Isaac she would rather have Bean follow her around at school rather than Claire. Bean isn't a very significant character, but adds interest to the story when acting as Massie's "best friend dog". However, Bean is an important family member to Massie because she can rely on her. According to Massie, Bean is a very good listener. She helps Massie through times where she has alpha problems that she can confess only to Bean. Bean seems to understand her and seems to help Massie through problems about friends, popularity, and fashion. Even though Alicia, Kristen, Dylan, and Claire are Massie's BFFs, Bean is portrayed as Massie's one true friend.

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  • Bean is trained to do many tricks, like coming to Massie when she pats her thigh and smelling Jimmy Choos when Massie says "Ahhh-Choooooooo".