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Alicia (Summer Collection) is the third book of the Summer Collection mini-series by Lisi Harrison. It was released on June 3, 2008.


Alicia Rivera takes on Mission Spalpha (Spanish Alpha) Back in Spain to visit her relatives, Alicia discovers that Spain's newest pop sensation ¡i! is searching for a true Spanish beauty to star in his new hit-single video. She can't believe her luck! If Alicia is cast as a true Spanish beauty, Massie will never call her fannish (fake Spanish) again. The only trick is she'll have to beat her super-Bonita cousins to win the coveted spot. Can she do it or will she once again be second?


Alicia goes to Spain for the summer and stays with her cousins Nina, Isobel & Celia. They all want to be in a local pop star's music video and the twins are practically shoo-ins.

Isobel and Celia fight over Alicia's clothing. Alicia finds out as a punishment for stealing her sisters' boots, Nina had to do whatever they wanted 150 times, including humiliating things such as cutting her hair Dora the Explorer-style. Upon arriving, she discovers that she is to room with Nina, who previously visited Westchester. Because Nina stole things from the girls at OCD, and humiliated the Pretty Committee, Alicia still has a grudge against her.

While at a music festival, Nina steals Alicia's earrings and they break a statue, so they have to work to pay it off. Through many misdemeanors as maids, they finally agree to work together on something: taking down Isobel and Celia, who are using Alicia for her Ralph Laurens. They try twice before succeeding, and in the end, they figure out that ¡i! is actually a British singer with another Spanish stand-in lip-syncing over his vocals.

In the end, Nina and Alicia understand each other and Alicia decides being a Spalpha isn't all it's worked up to be.

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