Abby Boyd appears in Dial L for Loser as the famous teen actress that co-stars with Claire Lyons and Conner Foley. She appears on Merri-Lee Marvil's talk show, The Daily Grind. She was previously Massie's favorite actress and hair muse before Massie met her. Massie met her with dissapointments.


Abby has a fierce personality, especially when she stole Gabor and Palmer from Hadley Durk. Her favorite hobby is jewelry design, and she designs her own rings of which one she gave to Claire. It is also known that her favorite junk food are pizza and mints . She has her own vocabulary known as the "a-bby-c's" (including "revolsive" meaning gross, "crazyotic" meaning crazy, and "fabulicious" meaning fab), and has a bad girl reputation. She and Claire Lyons were extremely good friends during filming the movie. At the end of the movie, however, Abby tells Claire that they were MBFs (Movie Best Friends) and not RBFs (Real Best Friends).


Abby is described to have long, dark hair which is one part wave and two parts shine. However, Abby later has it cut short and dyed blond because she felt long brown hair was too mainstream. Abby then recived a short blond Sienna Miller 2006 hair cut but on the set of Dial L, Abby recived extensions. She changes her hair every time she does a new movie. Abby also has hazel eyes and full lips. all the people in the clique book describe her as super beautiful especially the pc because they think so highly of her in the beginning of the book

Love Life

Abby stole Hadley Durk's earlier boyfriend, Palmer, which is why they are rivals. It reveals that Abby steals Hadley's current boyfriend Gabor, which is why Hadley quit the movie when the two have a fight on stage. Abby always hooks up with Gabor, and sexts him on her Sidekick. It also states that Abby had a secret relationship with Conner Foley, but dumps him when he uses Massie Block and Alicia Rivera to make her jealous. She also never goes for blondes.